About Us

Sai farmiculture Pvt Ltd are experts in banana cultivation and harvesting , our experts do the proper research of the soil before the cultivation.

Cultivation process

Soil testing

  • The soil should have good drainage, adequate fertility and moisture.
  • pH between 6-7.5 is most preferred for banana cultivation.
  • Soil of low lying areas should be avoided.
  • A soil that is not too acidic or not too alkaline, rich in organic material like high nitrogen content, phosphorus level ,potash are good for banana.

Organic manuring

  • This manure is made using cow dung ,cow urine, waste straw and other dairy wastes.
  • Organic manuring is rich in nutrients and very helpful for the growth of banana tree.
  • Availability of Potassium and Phosphorus from organic manuring is similar to that from inorganic sources which improves soil fertility.

We also use bio fertilizers:

  • Biofertilizers mobilizes the availability of nutrients by their biological activity in particular, and help build up the micro-flora and improves soil health.
  • It increases the crop yield by 20-30%.

Irrigation management

  • The total water requirement of banana plants is about 900-1200 mm for its complete life cycle.
  • Maintaining optimum moisture at all stages of growth is very critical and providing good drainage facility to drain out excess water from the root zone to enhance the productivity.


  • A bunch usually takes 90-120 days to mature.
  • The maturity of banana is indicated by drying of top leaves, fruits colour changes from dark green to light green and then yellow.